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Project: O Music of Eyes

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Digital prints on Twin wall polycarbonate and silk

Deborah O'Grady, Shirley A. Watts
Photography: Deborah O'Grady

O Music of Eyes' is part of Natural Discourse: Artists, Architects, Scientists & Poets in the Garden' Sited in the Garden of Old Roses at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden and the Downtown Berkeley BART Station this installation explores the rich history and culture of roses through poems, recipes and historical thesis. The silk is meant to weather over the course of the exhibit to remind us of the ephemeral nature of rose blossoms. The photo collage brings the garden's beauty to gritty Downtown Berkeley and links UCBG to it's urban surroundings.

Shirley Watts-Music1

Shirley Watts-Music2

Shirley Watts-Music3

Shirley Watts-Music4

Shirley Watts-Music5

Shirley Watts-Music6

Shirley Watts-Music7

Shirley Watts-Music8

Shirley Watts-Music9

Shirley Watts-Music10

Shirley Watts-Music11

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